Dodekalitten – the greatest piece of art in Denmark

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Just outside the small village of Kragenæs on the island of Lolland you find the biggest piece of art in Denmark. The work isn’t finished yet but when it will finally be finished it will consist of a circle of 12 giant statues. The statues look a bit like something you would find on Easter Island but unfortunately we are not at such an exotic location today we have to settle with one of the southernmost Danish islands.

The story of the statues is based on a made up legend about the lolerne who supposedly is the people who came and inhabited the island of Lolland about 7,500 years ago. The people were led by a chief called Lolnir who according to this made up story was the man who invented the runic alphabet and the first to chisel the runic text on stones. Lolnir is actually a version of the Nordic god Odin the king of the Gods.

The stones are 7 to 9 meters tall and each stone weigh 25 to 45 tons making the piece of art truly great. The stones will be put in a circle with a diameter of about 40 meters. The statues are located on a little hill with a great view of the fields of the area and a view to the water and the nearby small islands. The statues are on public land and everybody can just go along a walking path to see the stones.

The complete piece isn’t fished yet and the artist usually works on it for some month during the summer. As of 2020 there are only 10 of the 12 stones present in the circle and only 5 stones are finished. The last 5 stones is fairly on finished four has had a rough cut while the last of the stones is untouched.

Dodekalitten is pretty much off the beaten track if you are using public transport. So the only way to get here is if you have your own transport. If you do have a car it is a nice place to go and visit if you are exploring Lolland.


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