Outdoor museum of Molfsee

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6 kilometers south of Kiel you find the large outdoor museum of Molfsee. The museum covers a pretty large area in a nice country setting. They have moved about 70 traditional houses from Schleswig-Holstein area to here.

The houses are spread across a pretty large area with small fields and some lakes as well. In addition to the houses there are different domestic animals making the outdoor museum their home. It is the traditional life stock which used to be breed in this area before selective breeding improved the livestock into the modern high yielding livestock. A lot of the hay has been harvested and there is large round bale of hay on the field. I guess this is fully representative of the museum since it really should have been haystacks spread across the field. I guess this is just too labor intensive so they did cut a corner and use modern machinery when the harvested the field.

We visit on a nice sunny weekend day – but the scale of the museum mean it doesn’t feel crowded even though there is other people visiting at the same time as us. The museum isn’t fully open I guess due to the situation but we can go inside some of the houses which is pretty nice to see inside to give an impression of how people lived in these old houses.

We walk around the museum for a few hours – the area is pretty large so there is a bit of walking involved to get to all the different houses some of them are actually a bit far from the entrance. If you don’t have the time to see everything you can just go around the first couple of sections of houses. This doesn’t give you the full experience but what you will get is still better than what you will find at many smaller outdoor museums. All in this entire museum is a pretty large outdoor museum and if you like this kind of museums to see the old buildings and a few animals this is a must visit place if you go to Holstein.

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