Walking around Jönköping in the morning

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We spend the night in the town of Jönköping and we have a bit of time in the morning to go out and explore the town. Fortunately it is a nice sunny fall day so it is nice to wonder around the city for a little bit. The city is located at one of the many Swedish lakes called Vättern. It is located at the southern end of the lake.

View from our hotel room

The location at the lake makes it natural to head to the water to have a look at the waterfront of the city. The area around the waterfront is nice with a lot of restaurants and I am sure it would be a nice place to stay and have dinner during the summertime. This time of the year the restaurant seems to be shut for the season and some of them look like they are doing some major renovations during the winter so they can open again for the coming summer season.

Even though the restaurants were closed we go out the pier in the lake. It is a very nice spot to go and have a look at the lake area and enjoy the sunshine. This time of the year there is nobody else walking out at the end of the pier so we have it to ourselves.

Street with colourfull trees in Jönköping

We enjoy the view of the lake for a while before we head back to the town. We walk along a canal and through some parks. The city really got a lot of areas close to the water making it pretty scenic to go for a wonder around the city.

The city isn’t big but it is has some nice buildings so it was a good little walk around to burn off the breakfast.

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