Too early for the ice hotel

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A little outside Kiruna is a special seasonal hotel. It is an ice hotel build on the river when it freezes enough to accommodate a large construction. The river is still flowing when we visit the hotel so we don’t get to experience the hotel when it is operational.

River where they build the ice hotel in winter

Even without the ice the hotel has a spectacular location down at the river and there are some great views of the river when we head down there to see it. I guess the hotel will be amazing in the white icy landscape during the winter – though you need to be ready for some cold air inside your hotel room.

River in front of the ice hotel

The ice hotel is actually operating all year – there are several none ice-rooms at the hotel you can use all year and there is actually a special section they cool down all year round so you can go and experience the ice during the midnight sun if you would like to.

The summer ice building

We manage to get a little glimpse of the ice inside the special building where there are many different ice sculptures you can have a look at.

I think the hotel is pretty interesting but it is also somewhat pricy compared to other hotels and I don’t find it appealing to spend a lot of money to get the opportunity to sleep in a cold room. I could do the same at home if I was stupid enough to turn of the heater and open the window during the winter.

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