Reindeers next to the road

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We drive away from Arvidsjaur towards the town of Jokkmokk which is the center of Sami life in Sweden. We follow the inland road which is a bit higher in the mountains compared to the costal road. In here is where the reindeers like to wonder around the hills to find food.

We do drive for a while without seeing much and then suddenly we spot a large group of reindeers in the distance just across the road. We stop and to have a look at the reindeer – it is after all the first reindeer we seen on this trip to the north.

Unfortunately the reindeer isn’t really cooperative today – they keep walking away from us into the hills. It is a bit rough to walk across the land and it is a bit wet at places as well. And hiking boats can’t really match a reindeer hoof when it comes to walking across landscape like this.

We do manage to get a few pictures from the distance and then we go back to the car to continue the drive north. As we drive down the road we actually see a few extra reindeers standing alone on the side of the road. We leave the individual reindeers and keep driving.


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