Cranes at the road

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We have spent a bit of time exploring Västerås and the surrounding area so we are running a little late and we have a pretty long drive to reach the northern city of Umeå. With the short days we will be arriving after dark so we have to drive pretty much straight there.

We don’t do many stops along the road but suddenly we drive pass a little field which has a large collection of cranes standing at the field. It is pretty rare for us to see so many cranes just standing at a field so we naturally make a quick stop at the side of the road.

Fortunately the Swedish roads has a little section at the side of the road which might be intended as a place to give way in case of oncoming traffic.  But there isn’t a lot of traffic so this part of the road easily doubles as an emergency parking lot to be used when you are taking photos of cranes in the distance. We make it across the not too trafficked road and get a few shots of the distant cranes before we continue driving north.

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