Outdoor museum of Vallby

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We drive just a little bit outside the center of Västeräs to the small outdoor museum of Vallby. There is only one other car at the parking lot in front of the museum so I figure we will have a quiet day of looking around the place.

Alotment cottage

There is a collection of around 40 different buildings at the area – but unfortunately it is only possible to go inside the buildings during the summer season so right now we can only walk around the houses from the outside.

Goat’s hidding under the trees

Just as we arrive we pass the local residence of the area a little pack of goats roaming around under a few trees right next to the entrance of the museum.

The museum concentrates on buildings from the region of Värmland where Västeräs is located and the buildings look like they are fairly young for on outdoor museum. I figure this museum is a representation of what the region would have looked like a century or so ago.

The houses are very Swedish looking as solid timber constructions with the traditional red paint which is so common on the Swedish country side so this colour is actually called Swedish red in Denmark.

Old sawmill

The museum was ok to visit but it wasn’t the most interesting outdoor museum we have been to so the visit was pretty quick after we had been around to see most of the buildings.

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