Where the viewpoint isn’t one the top of the hill

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We drive along the main road until we reach a road sign telling the way to a viewpoint. We follow the road up the hill and drive to the end of the road. We kind of assume the viewpoint is at the end of the road on top of the hill so we don’t stop until we reach the top of the hill.

When we get to the top there isn’t much of a view from there – the only thing we really can see is a small van which seems to be settling in for the night getting ready to cook dinner and later sleep on the quiet hilltop.

View a little below the top of the hill

We are somewhat disappointed of the view from the top so we head down the hill – and it turns out there is a little spot a couple of hundred meters down the hill. From here the view is actually much better compared to the view from the top of the hill so we stop here for a while to enjoy the view.

Stopping for a view down the hill

We don’t stop too long – even down here the view of isn’t all that spectacular – but on the other hand it only took a few minutes to drive up the hill so I guess it was worth the little detour.


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