Church town of Vilhelmina

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The small town of Vilhelmina is one of the biggest settlements along the northern part of the E45 which is the inland road in Sweden. The town is located at one of the two starting points of the famous scenic road Vildmarksvägen – so if you are driving this road you will pass through Vilhelmina. The town got its name in 1804 and is named after queen Frederika Dorotea Vilhelmina von Baden.

Church in the heart of the church town

The main attraction of the city is a small area of the town which is a reconstructed church town. The buildings in this part of the town were built in 1792 when the church was built. The houses were built to make a space for the people coming to Vilhelmina from the nearby villages and country side to go to the mandatory religious holidays.

The old church town is the main attraction of the village to go and see for a bit. But the city is also a good place for needed supplies if you need something. There was a decent restaurant at the hotel which had a good view of a nearby lake which was a good place to have dinner after a long drive along Vildmarksvägen.


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