Outdoor museum of Hägnan

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When you go to Gammelstad you are probably heading there to see the famous church town and all the red houses in the town. This is one of the great cultural attractions of northern Sweden and well worth visiting. What not all visitors realize is the fact that right next to the old church town you can actually find the lovely outdoor museum of Hägnan.

Old farm houses

The area is free to walk around and you can go into the houses during certain times of the year when they are open – this is the case during the summer period between 11 and 17 every day and on special occasions during the rest of the year.

If you haven’t gotten enough of old wooden houses it is good to walk here and see how the people living on the country side in the old day. Unlike the church town the houses on the museum is a bit more spread out and not like the row houses of Gammelstad.

When you walk around the place there are also a few old farm animals at the large ground around the outdoor museum. There is a horse which doesn’t really like to look at the guest – or maybe it is just my camera.

The museum was a nice little visit – I don’t think it was worth just going for this museum – but we were heading here for the old church town – so the outdoor museum was a nice little bonus to have along the way.

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