Leaving Norway

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We have driven all the way from the south of Norway to the very north crisscrossing along the coast. Finally we got to the eastern most town of Kirkenes so now there is no more land to explore in Norway and we have to double back for a bit along the E6 main highway before we will turn south and head back.

View of the northern ocean

We enjoy the drive along the north coast for a bit. It is a nice sunny day and we enjoy the views of the blue cold water of the freezing ocean.

After a little while we reach a turn and a little waterfall along the road. It is a nice little waterfall and we enjoy the view of the flowing water – which turned out to be the last sight we were to stop for in Norway. From the waterfall it is only half an hour to the Finnish border.

Waterfall along the highway

Crossing the border to Finland was easy once again – even in a year with lots of travel restrictions there was no border control between Norway and Finland.

The steps of the waterfall

So it was a quick bye bye to Norway its been a long but nice drive along the stretch of the long country.


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