Road to Hammingberg

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We have been driving along the road to Hammingberg for quite a while. The road has been a nice big road along the coast – just before we reach Vardø we turn left to a smaller road. Here the road changes to a small single lane road with many turns – so we have to slow down to make sure we can stop in case of oncoming traffic. Fortunately the small slow road is match by a change in the landscape.

Driving up till here we had been going through fairly flat open landscape which had a sea view most of the time. The drive had been pretty scenic but for Norway it wasn’t really spectacular. Now the open landscape is replaced by some rough cliffs which go all the way down to the sea. The landscape seems kind of unfinished with all the rough rocks and I guess even the Norwegian road builders ran out of money here – there is no tunnels and the road just follow the shape of the cliffs so it twist and turns following the route through the landscape which meant blowing up the least amount of rocks.

The landscape is very scenic but the lack of visibility and the narrowness of the road severely limit the number of places we can safely stop so we only get to stop a few times along the drive.

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