Driving from North Cape to Karasjok

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We only have a fairly short drive today from North Cape to Karasjok. Unfortunately we are leaving rather late – we were supposed to leave right after breakfast but because of the weather conditions the last couple of days we had to go to North Cape first. So instead of leaving early we are not getting away until the early afternoon.

Bridge to a small island on North Cape island.

Fortunately we should make it long before sunset – since even though we are heading a bit south the sunset will not be for another week or so in Karasjok which enjoys the midnight sun during the height of the Arctic summer. So we don’t have to worry about driving in pitch dark on the lonely Norwegian roads with wildlife possible crossing right in front of us undetected under the cover of darkness.

View along the road as we drive down the coast

We enjoy the drive since the weather has really turned bright and sunny after almost a week with lots of rain and no sign of the sun.

A little coastal stretch along the main highway

Even though we are driving inland we will be along the coast for a long time since the road to and from North Cape run along the coast and it doesn’t turn inland for quite a while. We enjoy the view of the water as we drive along.

Reindeer slowing trafic

Naturally there is some sort of obstacle along the drive. A couple of times reindeer decide to walk on the road in front of us. By now we have gotten more used to the reindeer so we no longer stop for an extend period of times when we spot the reindeer. We only stop for a bit to let the reindeer get off the road and possible take a photo or two.

We arrive in the early evening in Karasjok it is the Sami capital of Norway so naturally we will search for a bit of Sami food. It turns out the hotel actually has a restaurant which is sort of a Sami restaurant in a little building inspired by Sami building style. Unfortunately the service and food wasn’t quite up to the standards we had hoped for.

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