Small Sami villige at Sjøsamisk Tun

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We have almost arrived at the entrance to North Cape Island when we pass a small peninsula. Out there is an old village where some Sami used to live. The people who used to live here wasn’t reindeer herders instead they made a living from the cold sea just off the shore. I guess they have been helped by the relative warm water which remains ice free all year so they can get some food from the sea.

Old turf house

There are a few old constructions which used to be the home of the people living here. Some of them are mainly build using turf and it looks a bit like the construction they used to make on Iceland. The use of turf is natural in an area in the arctic with no trees growing in the area and the only limited source of timber is driftwood.

The old village is pretty small and not the most interesting collection of Sami houses we have seen – but this was the first one which made it more interesting to see.

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  1. The old turf house is interesting, indeed it is reminiscent of Iceland and also Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Canada, where a Viking base existed around the year 1000.


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