Waterfall at Bardufoss

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We had arrived at the village of Bardufoss last night – but the weather had been terrible so we hadn’t actually looked at anything at the surrounding area – minus a pizza place which seemed like the only place it was possible to get dinner.

Dam at Bardufoss

The weather is still bad in the morning – but at least it isn’t raining heavily anymore so we decide to have a little look at the main attractions of the area. Just a short walk from our hotel is one of the memorials for the Battle of Narvik which took place in the beginning of World War II.

After having looked at the memorial we drive a little outside the city where there is a little waterfall which shares the name of the city. The waterfall is a nice little waterfall and is well worth the little detour if you are actually spending any time in or around Bardufoss city. But to be fair if you are on a tight schedule this isn’t one of the main attractions of northern Norway.

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