The car in front missed the ferry

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We have just arrived at Jetvik and from here we have a short scenic drive of less than 30 kilometers to the next ferry. You could imagine people would take is slow and stop along this road to take photos – but considering our ferry from Kilboghavn to Jetvik had been packed to capacity it seems like everybody is determined to race to the next ferry keeping their place in the line for the next crossing. We left the ferry as the very last car and overtaking other cars are not really an option on the narrow winding Norwegian roads and diving in a tiny car which may or may not have an engine under the hood.

Considering we are at the end of the line of cars we do stop a couple of times along the road since there are some pretty views and we take a few shots. We do continue to drive to the ferry so we are there in plenty of time before the next departure of the ferry. When we get to the ferry there is a long line of cars waiting in front of us – kind of what we had expected so we don’t have high hopes of getting on the ferry and expect to have to wait for the next ferry to arrive and take us across.

View from the ferry

Finally the ferry is being loaded – and a lot of cars drive onboard. It is actually going better than expected and maybe everybody will get onboard?

Sailing across from Ägskardet to Forøy on a small ferry in an even small car

It turns out this shot hope is soon dead. The ferry is pretty full and the car in front of us is turned away – there is no space for this standard sedan. So we kind of expect this was it the ferry will leave with us as the second car in the line. What a shame.

Ferry crossing from Forøy to Ägskardet

Suddenly it turns out there is an advantage of driving a tiny car. Maybe it is impossible to overtake a truck on a hill and maybe the acceleration is pretty much none existent – but it do have great mileage and now it turns out there is a different advantage. There may not be enough space for a regular sized car. But there is just enough space for a tiny car. So we are getting waved pass the car in front of us and onto the ferry. We made it as the very last car and the ferry shut the gate behind us.

View along the ferry crossing

Finally onboard the ferry we can go up and enjoy the view. The ferry has actually already left the ferry terminal before we reach the top deck – I guess this is the disadvantage of getting onboard as the very last car.

Landscape around Forøy

It is only a short 20 minutes sail – but the weather has gotten really good – it is truly the best weather we have had on our trip so far – a bit ironic we had to cross the Arctic Circle to finally get sunshine and a slightly warmer temperature than down south in Norway.

Mountains outside Forøy

The view from the boat of the small mountains around the fjord is great and we enjoy the sail. Some of the mountains are snow covered despite the fact they can’t be more than a few hundred meters high. I guess the snow stay long when we are so far north.

Forøy ferry port

The sailing is smooth and we enjoy the final of the six ferry rides along the scenic road of Kystvegen along Helgelandskysten scenic tourist road. It has been a great journey and now we only a little bit more to drive along the coast – most of the rest of the day we will be driving inland away from the water for the first time in days.


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