The old wooden church of Undredalen

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One of the interesting things you can find around Norway is ancient wooden churches called stavre kirker. When we were on our way to the famous village of Flåm we saw on our map there was one of these old famous churches in a small village not too far away from our route to Flåm. So we decide to make the little detour in search of this old church.

Clouds on the mountains at Undredalen

We drove out to the small village of Undredal where the church was supposed to be. The village is pretty small with some fairly narrow streets so I guess they don’t want too many foreigners going to the church in search of parking right next to the church. Instead we had to park at a public parking down close to the fjord in the village.

It wasn’t a great problem parking down at the fjord – the village is small so the walk wouldn’t be too long and the view from the houses down at the fjord was pretty so we really should go down here even if we could find parking next to the church.

Stavre church of Undredalen

We enjoy the view down at the fjord which was pretty and well worth going on the small detour just to enjoy the view. Then we head to the stavre church which looks nothing like what we had seen before at the open air museum in Oslo. The church was made of wood but it was quite modern and not the ancient church we had expected so it was a bit of a letdown to see the church.

Smallest fire station in Europe

After a short visit to the church we head back towards the car. On the way to the car we pass a small building it turns out it is the smallest fire station in Europe. It is pretty tiny but I guess you like to have some sort of fire station not too far away when all the houses seem to be built from wood.


  1. That is a church in a quaint, lovely location. Lovely waters around the village. Looked like a nice visit. I agree that it would be great to have a fire station nearby, or a bigger town nearby.

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