Taking the ferry to Norway

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With what is going on this summer it seemed prudent to go on holiday in a way it would be possible to get back home even if they started to cancel all the planes again – so we opted for a holiday by car in the Nordic countries. I haven’t been on a car holiday in from Denmark since I was a kid and went with my parents so it is a bit different holiday to actually go by car from home instead of going to the airport and catch a flight.

Harbor of Hirtshals

When we planned the trip the travel restrictions around Sweden was still a bit uncertain – could you drive through Sweden to go to Norway or would they put us in 2 weeks quarantine if we did. Probably we would not be put in quarantine but we decide to take no chances and take the ferry instead.

The light house just outside the harbor of Hirtshals

We drive all the way across Denmark form Copenhagen to the northern town of Hirtshals which has several ferries to Norway every day. We drive in the afternoon to arrive at night and have a good night sleep before we catch the ferry the next day at nine.

The ferry ride is a four hour trip so a bit long – but in the summertime the weather is usually calm in Denmark so it shouldn’t be a major issue with waves. That is usually it is calm but today is the only exception. The wind is fairly strong actually a gale is blowing and when we leave the port they say the waves is up to 2 meters or a bit over 6 feet high during the crossing.

Lighthouse in Kristiansand

Fortunately the ferry is rather big and the crossing turns out to be surprisingly calm considering the strong wind. The most interest part of the crossing is the beginning where we can see a bit of the harbor area in Hirtshals with the lighthouse and then just before arriving when we can see the southern part of the Norwegian Fjords. The rest of the crossing is pretty boring considering there isn’t much of a view of anything but the waves of the sea and the blue ocean.

Finally after four hour we have done the crossing and can drive off the ferry. Much to my disappointment there is no border check so we don’t have to use the passport and they don’t seem to be bothered about us possibly smuggling alcohol into Norway to avoid their crazy prices of alcohol.

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