The surviving village of Viby

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A couple of centuries ago there were a lot of small villages around Denmark. The people living there had their homes and then they did farming collectively on fields they rented from the local lord who would own all the land in the area. The peasant just had to farm the rented land and then do extra work for the lord. The villagers would leave from the village every day to go out into the fields which belonged to the village.

The church tower – I think this might be the only church with this kind of buidling style I seen in Denmark

A couple of centuries ago there was a major reform. This reform meant the peasant would no longer be part of the lord estate instead they would get some individual fields – these fields would be located together so the farmer would have a certain area to farm individually. This reform had as a side effect the end of the village life as it had been for centuries. There would no longer be a cluster of farms in these villages instead the individual farmer would have his farm in the middle of his fields.

One of the very few villages which survived this change was the small village of Viby which is located a little bit north of Kerteminde on North East Fyn.

Wind mill of Viby

The village has a large cluster of old houses around the village center and it is nice to go for a little bit of a wonder around this unique old village. In the outskirts of the village you will also find a nice old church and on the other end of the village there are an old mill so there are some extra special buildings in additions to the old farms.

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