Castle of Egeskov

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There are many castle spread across the island of Fyn – but the most famous one is probably Egeskov Slot. The name translates into Forest of Oak Castle. Supposedly the castle got this name because it literally took a forest of oak trees to build the castle which has some massive oak construction carrying the roof.

Castle at the lake

The castle is rather small but there are a lot of attractions around the castle which you can go and visit. The small size of the castle can lead to it becoming overrun by tourist during the high season – this has particularly been the case this year when the admission fee to most Danish museums including this one has been cut in half for the summer and restrictions limit the number of guest who are allowed inside the castle at one time. Apparently there have been some very long lines over the summer. Fortunately we visited before they dropped the price – so there was hardly any visitors when we came by which were fortunate since we could enjoy the castle in peace and quiet.

You can see a few rooms of the castle with the old furniture and some hunting trophies on the walls. Just under the roof the castle is one of the many collections they have on the castle – a collection of old toys if you have interest in this sort of old stuff.

Around the castle you find a large garden you can wonder around. In the middle are a large labyrinth of trees and you can go in search of the middle of the labyrinth – apparently it takes the average person 15 minutes to get there so it is more difficult than it looks.

The main attraction of the castle is a large collection of old cars – they include an old version of one of the first electric cars from back when it was clear the combustion engine would be the winner of the battle of motorization of the world. There is also the car King Christian X used to drive around in Denmark. The king was very tall so he had the car custom made so he could fit inside wearing a hat.

In addition to the many cars there are also displays of historic bicycles and motorbikes – in addition there is the museum of the Danish ambulance firm Falck which has run ambulance service in Denmark for more than a century and has expanded to many other countries around the globe.

We had an enjoyable visit to the castle – but apparently it was because we steered clear of the high season which apparently can become brutally busy.


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