Wild horses of Langeland

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We head to the southern tip of the island called Langeland. The name means long country – and the island is indeed very long compared to the width. Down at the southern tip just outside the small village of Bagenkop you can find some wild horses.

The description as wild horses might be a bit misleading since it kind of indicates the horses is some horses which has somehow survived in the wild while all the other European wild horses were domesticated – and this is not the case. The horses down here are in fact Exmoor-ponies which have been deliberately released at this location. There was a dual purpose to let them free here – first they should help with grazing the area so the birds would find the area suitable – second the horses should be a bit of a new tourist attraction. The last bit certainly worked since we have made it down here primarily to spot the horses.

The horses don’t roam freely over an unfenced area – they are kept behind a fence. But visitors can go into the enclosure for a closer look at the horses. The rules state you are not allowed to touch the horses and you should take great care not to get yourself between a mother and its baby.

We have no intention of getting stuck between the horses so we keep a certain distance but it is nice to go into the field and have a quick look at the horses. There are actually quite a few so it isn’t just about spotting one or two horses in the distance.


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