The beach of Følle Strand

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We have stayed a bit around Følle Strand. It is a small area with summerhouses which seems to be particularly popular for the people living in Aarhus which is only half an hour drive away. There seems to be a lot of people out here during the warm days – particularly in the weekend. The people come out mainly to enjoy the life at the nice beach at Følle and to a lesser extent the neighboring beach of Ugelbølle.

It is a nice sandy beach so it is a good place to relax for a bit. There usually are some birds down at the beach area as well. At one stage I saw a large group of ducks swimming just off the shore. At first I wondered what it was because the ducks were at a distance and they were so numerous I was sure it was bird or something floating around on the sea – I had to get a bit closer to actually be able to distinguish the individual ducks.

Boat at Følle Strand

As is usually the case with Danish beaches there isn’t a lot of facilities on the beach so the only place to get a bite to eat or an ice cream is at a small fast-food joint just on the other side of the road which runs pass Følle Strand.

The beach of Følle Strand

Even if you have no interest of going to the beach it is still a good area to use as a base for exploring the surrounding area of Djursland with Mols Bjerge national park. It is also just a short drive to Aarhus or you can take the bus – though you will need to walk for a bit since the buses only drives along the main highway and not down at the beach.

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