The king is still alive at Memphis Mansion

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Do you know where in the world you can see both the birth home of Elvis and the house he lived in when he died. Obviously it is in the USA right – he lived there for most of his life except a short stint in Germany as a soldier. But no his birth home is in Tupelo Mississippi and he died at Graceland in Memphis Tennessee. So you can’t actually see both houses at the same place in the USA.

Graceland on the right Elvis birth home on the left

The only place in the world you can see both Graceland and the small house from Tupelo are in the small city of Randers in East Jutland Denmark. The museum is located at Graceland Randers Vej 3 so the city even named the street for the museum and the city of Randers.

The museum is basically made by a huge Elvis fan and the president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Denmark and he has collected Elvis memorabilia for a pretty long time and has gathered quite a big collection. This is what is at display at the mansion. Originally Memphis Mansion was called Graceland Randers – but Elvis Presley Enterprises which administer the estate of Elvis sue for break of intellectual property rights so the name of the museum had to be changed to Memphis Mansion.

Elvis old car

The museum has a bit of a collection with some highlights which include one of Elvis old cars an old Lincoln Continental Convertible Elvis bought the car in 1964 he gave it to gospel singer J.D. Summer in 1974 – like he gave away many other cars to his friends.

The million dollar quartet with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins

Another interesting item on exhibit is the original master tape of the so called million dollar quartet. The tape was made on December 4 1956 when four men met at the Sun Record Studio in Memphis by chance. It just happens to be some of the most talented musicians of their time, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. They were all in the beginning of their carriers but Elvis had already become quite famous by this time and Perkins had already made his name with Blue Suede Shoes. The quartet started an impromptu jam session. The jam session was just for fun but it was actually recorded and later a recorded was sent out with parts of the jam session. And now you can actually see the master tape in Randers.

Master tape of the million dollar quartet with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins

A special photo is also at the museum where Elvis meet three young Scandinavian princesses who just happened to be in the USA together. They may not have been the greatest fans of rock’n’roll but they did realize Elvis was the world’s biggest star at this time. The princess on the right is actually the current Danish queen.

The king and three princesses – the one on the left is the current Danish queen Margrethe II

The museum also have a rather large souvenir shop and a restaurant where you can get a menu inspired by the American south – though it seems a bit heavy on burgers. Obviously you can get Elvis own favorite – peanut butter and jam sandwich with grilled banana.

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