Pretty peninsula of Helgenæs

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Helgenæs is located in the hilly area of Djursland and is part of the Mols Bjerge national park. The area is a pretty area with rolling hills and this little peninsula is a nice little destination to go and visit for an afternoon if you got the time.

The narrow land access to Helgenæs

You will enjoy the views of the rolling hills of Mols Bjerge and you can go out to the small peninsula on a small road – generally the area is lightly populated and the roads are small. The first point of interest you will encounter is General Rye’s skanser (fortification) where the general held up the attacking force of the Holstein rebels and their supporters from Prussia before he left for Fyn. It is worth going to the top just for the view if you have no interest in the historical significance of the spot. From the top you will have some of the best views of the area.

After this stop you can go further out to the peninsula and see a little water area – there are supposed to be a lot of birds at this location – but we only saw a few when we went. There were a few swans and different ducks. There was also a cormorant flying by while we looked a bit at the area.

A final stop at the peninsula is at the end where you can find an old light house. This has helped guide the ships around this peninsula so they can safely reach the port of Aarhus not far away. The area seems to be a very popular spot for day trippers who are going to the beach escaping the city life – I suppose most people out here drive from Aarhus for the day to enjoy the area with the beach and the sun. The heavy traffic out in this area can make it crowded especially during weekends and if you drive back around 4 to 5 in the evening you are likely to actually get caught in some fairly heavy traffic back towards the city.

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