Love at First Bite

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This Bib Gourmand Restaurant will definitely entertain your taste buds as they serve one of the best dining experiences in Jutland and it would not break your wallet as the food price is very reasonably. 

The restaurant only has a limited menu and we have 4 courses menu including wine matching which cost DKK 650 per person or around €87.

The place is located next to the water in the busy Aarhus dining scene.  The restaurant itself quite small but cossy with friendly staff and rustic décor.  The food served was delicious with unpretentious Danish cooking using local produce and you will need to find your own cutlery.

The bread and butter

There was no snack for starter before the meal, instead we get a very nice and warm bread.  Not long after the drinks arrive, we got the first meal of the fish with fermented onions, radishes and fish roe which was tasty and really good in taste and presentation.

Fish with fermented onions, radishes and fish roe

Tatar of beef was fresh and served with mashed potatoes and crispy cracker.

Beef tatare with mashed potatoe and crackers

I personally l like the fried chicken with vegetable.  It was very simple cook but really delicious, soft in the inside and crispy at the outside.

Fried chicken

The cheese board with marmalade and crispy bread was good and lastly the vanilla ice cream dessert with yogurt and top with sweet and salty caramel was very yummy.

Serving of cheese

Both of us really enjoy the food and it was really worth the long walk from our summer house which takes 45 minutes one way, one hour bus ride and another 12 minutes’ walk to the restaurant so we can have a good food and wine.

Icecream with yogurt and salty caramel

Please reserve the table if you plan to dine here as the place is quite small and you might get turn down without reservation.

Restaurant Pondus

Address: Aaboulevarden 51, St  Aarhus

Phone: +45 28 77 18 50


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