The small wild bog

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Bogs used to be a legendary part of the ancient landscape of Denmark and it has been such back through ancient times. So much so that the ancient people did all sorts of sacrifice in the bogs including human sacrifice which has resulted in some of the best preserved bodies of the ancient time in northern Europe.

But the bog has never been a productive landscape – it is no good as farm land and the animals can’t really use it for grassing. Basically the bog is a wasteland with no value. So when the focus in Denmark shifted into a more productive agricultural production in the later part of the 19th century the bogs around Denmark were drained and transformed into farmland.

During this transformation of the Danish country side almost all the bogs were transformed into farmland – only a few areas survived. One of these was Lille Vildmose which translates into small wild bog. The area has been protected as a wildlife area and there has been introduced some unique wildlife to the area in the form of moose which has been extinct in Denmark in the Danish area for 4,500 years – only a few moose had been in Denmark since then when they decide to take a swim off the coast of Sweden and ended up in Denmark.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any moose in the area when we went – actually we didn’t see any of the major wildlife which lives in the area like wild boar and large deer’s. But we could still see the landscape and enjoy the view of the bog. The area of the bog actually stretches all the way down to the beach so you can go out and enjoy the view of the beach while you visit the bog.

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