Beach town of Løkken

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There are many beach towns along the west coast of North West Jutland – one of the biggest is the popular town of Løkken which has a lot of summer houses and other accommodations for tourist. The town has all services with several shops and restaurants to serve the tourist – the towns in this area are generally fairly small so only in a few tourist hot spots you will find bigger supermarkets and restaurants to choose between.

The cars on the beach

The main draw card of the town is obviously the beach. The beach here in Løkken is a large sandy beach like you find along most of the coast line of Jutland. The beach is both broad and long and the sand is compact so you can drive along the beach.

When you get to the beach you can see a lot of small huts down at the water – these are small beach houses which are put up at the beach for the season and the people who spend a long time in Løkken during the summer can rent such a small hut to store their beach gear like different chairs and possibly a grill to cook lunch at the beach during the season. Early in the season it doesn’t seem like many people really use the huts for much except storage – the wind is too strong and the temperature is low so nobody wants to hang out on the beach for too long outside their cars.

Bridge across a small stream

We drive a bit along the beach – you can drive for pretty far. At one spot there is a small stream through the sand out to the sea. You might think this would stop the driving along the beach – but they have actually made a small bridge so you can drive across the stream and get to the other side and continue the drive along the beach.

We pass the bridge and continue for just a little bit before we decide to turn back and drive to Løkken. When we get back to the town we head for a small attraction in the town. The mini town of Løkken – they have recreated some of the village like it looked like around the beginning of the 20th century. The museum is closed for the moment but you can see the houses from outside – the only things you can’t do is walk right up next to a house and feel like a giant. They did make a nice little display of the old houses.

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