Blokhus beach town

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Most people come to Blokhus for the famous beach and the many summerhouses in the area. Not a lot of people go to the small town just to see what is behind the dunes down at the beach – unless they go there for dinner.

There are a few old houses down in the center which is nice looking. If you go to the main square you find one of the big attractions of the town – a large glass display which covers the bones of a dead whale which stranded on the beach around Blokhus and now it has returned to the village as a new tourist attraction.

Beach hotel

In the streets going down to the square you find a nice looking old hotel which probably dates back to the 1920s when the tradition of beach hotels in Denmark began when some part of the population could afford to go to the west coast of Jutland for a week holiday or so during the summer.


Some of the other houses in this neighborhood have been transformed into restaurants and bars to accommodate the need of the people on holiday in the area every summer. The houses are some old houses with thatches roof and it is quite idyllic.

When you walk around the streets in the town you can see how the sand has affected the area for centuries. The strong wind and large sandy beaches in this part of the country is the perfect ingredients to get drift sand. Through the generations the drifting sand used to completely destroy villages in this area – now the sand is still drifting and you can see sand in the streets of the city – but there is limited risk of the village will get buried in the sand.

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