Sole bird cliff of Jutland

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Denmark has only a very few bird cliffs there are some on the small island of Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea. In the rest of Denmark there is only one single bird cliff – it is located in North West Jutland and it stand out from the surrounding area.

The cliff is called Bulbjerg and is 47 meters above the sea just below and it only takes up a short section of the shore to both sides there is only some low lying sand dunes. You can drive up to the top of the hill and have a look at the splendid view from the top. The surrounding landscape is very flat so you can see far into the distance.

The hill stand out from so it was one of the spot the German noticed when they occupied Denmark. They put a radar and listing station here to survey the shipping in the sea between Denmark and Norway. In case some allied ships were spotted they would warn the large guns at Hanstholm which could fire almost half the distance to Norway with a couple of 55 centimeters guns. I don’t think the radar station ever found an enemy ship approaching but they were built pretty sturdy so they are still standing intact till this day on top of the hill. One of the bunkers has been transformed into a small exhibition about the cliff and the birdlife on and around the cliff.

The bird cliff of Bulbjerg

After you have taken in the spectacular views from the top of the cliff you can head down to the beach below. You can either walk down the stairs to the beach 47 meters below – this will probably mean you have to walk back up to get to your car to drive away from the cliff. If you are lazy and want to avoid the stairs you can drive from the parking lot on the top of the cliff to another parking lot at the bottom of the cliff. The parking lots are pretty big and they were empty in the spring – but they might fill up during the summer season when people come in droves to the west coast.

Birds nesting at Bulbjerg

We take the lazy option and drive down and walk across the sand dunes to beach. From down here there is a good view of the cliff which looks more dramatic from the beach than from the top.

Overhang on Bulbjerg

As we walk closer to the cliff we see a lot of birds flying around the cliff and when we get closer we can see there are a lot of birds sitting on the cliff with small nest. The seagull like the and


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