Pillar of Shame

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Back a few months before the world changed radically the pro-democracy students in Hong Kong was the big news in the media. Now nobody seems to know if there are still demonstrations in Hong Kong or not – it doesn’t seem like the news media cares anymore.

Statue on the square in front of parliament with a king on his horse in the background

To show Danish support to the pro-democracy students in Hong Kong a group of people including some members of parliament decided to create a statue and put in on the square in front of the parliament.

The statue is called the Pillar of Shame – and the hero’s on the statue is the students of Hong Kong with their gas masks.

When the statue was put up it was met with some Chinese protest probably increased a bit because of the prominent location of the statue. The Chinese wanted the statue removed from the square at the parliament but the organizers behind the statue had already secured the needed permissions so the statue kept standing at the square.

Now with the world changed nobody really seems to go and look at the statue anymore so it is just standing in solitude showing silent support to the pro-democracy students. The statue only got permission to stay here for a certain period so with the travel ban still in place not many tourists will see the protest.


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