Brace – best Italian restaurant in Copenhagen

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For years Era Ora ruled supreme amongst the Italian restaurants in Copenhagen – but when it decided to shut its doors it was time for a new restaurant on top of the Italian dining scene in Copenhagen.

Inside the restaurant

Brace is a worthy replacement on top of the Italian restaurants in Copenhagen – the food is top class. It is based on solid Italian food with a bit of inspiration from the Nordic region where it is located. The restaurant is located right in the middle of Copenhagen in a small street – surprisingly it has a small garden in front of the building which is pretty much the only building in this area which has such a large area in front of the house.

Bread and butter

The house is a pretty old house and they have made the inside of the restaurant into an attractive room with a nice atmosphere.

The service of the restaurant is attentive and fast – it turns out most of the waiter are actually Italians who have moved to Denmark at least temporarily to work at the restaurant – I am not sure if the same is the case for the kitchen staff. But it does give the restaurant a true original Italian feeling with the Italian waiters.

Three small snacks

We have a dinner consisting of ten servings so we start out with some small snacks. Three snacks arrive quickly on a board. The small bites are eaten by hand and are a great little start to the meal.

Fish and kohlrabi

We continue with a small serving of fish covered in a small thinly cut Kohlrabi it comes in a nice little wooden bowl.

Pasta and fjord shrimps

We are at an Italian restaurant so naturally there is bound to pasta at some stage during the meal – and it arrives at our second dish. It is a small serving of pasta with some scrimps which is actually a nice little pasta dish.

Risotto with fungi

Next up is another good old Italian classic in the form of a risotto. It is made with fungi.

Roasted cauliflower

The last of the starters are a roasted cauliflower with a bit of black garlic cream and some preserved tomatoes. It is actually a good flavor the roasting have given the cauliflower some brand new nuances in its taste.

Schintzel with onion

Finally we arrive at the main dish a little pork schnitzel with a bit of onions on top and nothing else – true to the Italian style.

To finish up the meal we have a couple of nice deserts. The total price of the meal was only 500 DKK because it was dinning week – I guess the normal price for the big menu at Brace is 895 DKK or around 120€ – though they do have special price for some occasions so you might be able to get a better price.  


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