Royal stable at Christiansborg Castle

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Back when the Christiansborg castle was built the transport outside the castle was all done by horses so there was a need for a great number of horses at the castle. So next to the castle is a fairly large set of stables. The horses lived very well – they were standing in a stable with marble columns so their accommodation was much better than what the common people of Copenhagen experienced during this time. In total there was space for 250 horses in the royal stables.

Today the stables has been transformed into a museum – but they are actually still in use as stables as well – there is 14-16 horses in the stables at any given time which are used for the royal chariots which are still used at special occasions to take the queen through the city.

Carriages on display

When you visit the museum you don’t really get to see the horses but only the stables and the different royal carriages many of which are still in use today when the royal family is going around the city on special occasions.

Guldkaraten – golden carriage

The main attraction among the different carriages is the one called Guldkaraten – which is the golden carriage of the royal family. It is a carriage from 1840 which is covered by gold leaf. It is used for the most important events in the royal family and you can see the queen driving through the city at least once a year when the queen goes to the annual New Year reception at Christiansborg. The carriage was also used for the queens 40s jubilee in 2012.

The museum is easy to visit along with the other museums on Christiansborg and if you like to see the old carriages it is nice to wonder around for a bit. But the museum is fairly small so you probably will only spend a short time inside before you have seen all the carriages.

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