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We have the time for just one last stop on our Spanish trip. We can go to the explore Girona which is the biggest town of northern Catalonia. When we start walking around the town it soon become clear the Catalonian independence movement is very strong here – we had seen signs for Catalan independence in other towns and Catalonian flags – but here there are many signs.

During the referendum for Catalonian independence Girona there was a huge majority among the voters who asked for the independence of Catalonia – but in all provinces the participation in the referendum was pretty low. The only province where more than half the population actually voted for independence was in Girona. So it isn’t surprising the demand for independence is felt more in this city than the rest of Catalonia.

Free the political prisoners

After the referendum the Spanish government arrested most of the elected leadership of the Catalonian province and sentenced them to many years in jail. The only members of the leadership of Catalonian who didn’t get put in jail are the ones which are currently living in other European countries as political refugees. On several of the houses in Girona you see signs demanding the release of the political prisoners.

After getting the first impression of the political situation in Girona we go out and have a look at the tourist attractions of the city. And there is a lot for such a small city.

Street in old town Girona

There are actually a lot of tourists walking around the city visiting the different attractions. There seems to be a lot of museums which might be interesting – but we only have limited time before we have to drive towards the airport so we have to leave the museums for next visit.

The city got a very nice quarter with a lot of old buildings and narrow streets which are pretty charming. There is also a large wall around the city which is fairly impressive.

Big castle in Girona

Our walk around the old town was actually way too short and I guess it will be nice to go back and spend a night or two in the city.


  1. There is a Constitution in Spain voted by all in 1978;its the law of the country as in other democracies. To change the law you need a vote of all Spaniards not just the Catalans. Their action is an act of seccession and its illegal.

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  2. I loved Girona, it’s such a charming town, isn’t it? I was also surprised by how much support there is for political prisoners, but it makes sense why it’s so much more present here now you say about voter numbers.

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