Jardi dels Poetes – the garden of Morella

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When we walked up the hill to the fortress above the city we saw signs to the garden of the poets – or el Jardi del Poetes. We figured when there were so large signs for this garden it would have to be something worth seeing. So after we had gone to the top of the fortress and enjoyed the view from there we decided to go and find the garden.

We walk down the hill and find a pretty big sign for the garden. It is a public garden so we don’t have to pay and entrance fee. And when we see the size of the garden we realize the sign is almost as big as the garden. It is a tiny garden in the old town – I guess the limited space inside the old town has ensured the locals haven’t used the limited number of building grounds to make a garden.

Poets on the wall of the garden

We have a quick look at the garden – which actually do attract a small group of locals who come and enjoy the garden. It is a nice garden – but it is really small so we only spend a couple of minutes before we head further down the hill in search for a place to have lunch.

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