Museum district after dark

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One of the best known areas of Valencia is a green area between a couple of the main avenues of the city. In this area are some of the largest museums of Spain and an opera house which apparently is second only to the Sydney opera house when it comes to number of seats. At the end of the museum district is a large aquarium as well.

The museums are located in a green area and all have a very futuristic look to them. The museums are some of the most famous sights in the city. I have seen pictures of these museums after dark and I thought they looked really great – so naturally I wanted to go here to have a look at them in the dark.

There aren’t a lot of people walking around the park after dark when the museums are all closed – but it is a quite area to go and have a look at them. The museums are all surrounded with a little water which ensures there are reflections of the museums into the water at night.

It is actually really nice to see this area after dark – probably better than during the day. So if you don’t want to go inside the museums you might as well go after dark and enjoy the lights of the buildings and the reflections in the water.


  1. This place is so beautiful. I haven’t been there after dark but your photos are so stunning I now want to go back. Valencia is really amazing city and I would love to have more time to explore it.

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    1. We have to back as well. We only had a short time before we went for new year Eve dinner. But I did want to go and see this area after dark. So it was not just because we were short of time.

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