Tapas bar by accident

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We arrive to our hotel in Segovia. I selected the hotel because they had free parking at the location making it easy to park the car. The flipside of having free parking is the hotel is located a bit outside the old town – so when it is dinner time it is a little difficult to find restaurant nearby. The neighbors of the hotel are a couple of supermarkets and we didn’t see much looking like a restaurant.

It is too long to walk to the city from our hotel and driving there really isn’t an option – considering an integral part of a dinner in Spain is to sample some of the local winemaker’s products. Fortunately the hotel does have a restaurant so we decide we can just eat at the hotel.

We don’t expect the restaurant to open very early – this is Spain after all. So we head down to check out the restaurant a bit before 8. The restaurant doesn’t open for dinner until 8.30 so we decide to head for the bar in the hotel to have a predinner drink.

Pizza, calamari, wine and coke.

At the bar we spot some plate with fresh deliveries of food arriving. It is a tapas bar so we get a serving of the food with each drink we order. We start out with a bit of calamari and pizza. Pizza may not be particularly Spanish but it just smells too good to let go. The servings at the bar are pretty generous so the first serving does help fill us up a bit.

Fish and beef

We empty the drinks and finish the food and the restaurant is still not open for business so we decide to get another drink. We get some Mediterranean fish and some beef. The food actually tastes quite well and it is still warm and fresh since they keep coming with more dishes as we finished the first drink.


I guess by now the restaurant is open – but we are starting to get almost full and not really interested in going to a restaurant for dinner anymore. Instead we decide to go for a final drink and get a couple of more servings of crispy pork skins and croquettes. After finish the last of the tapas we are actually full and ask for the bill. Much to our surprise it comes to about 13€ for 6 drinks and well tasting tapas for two making it an extremely good value meal. It seems like a lot of locals from the area also come to the bar to take advantage of the good value food.

Crispy pork

The next morning we went down to the bar to have breakfast as well. The breakfast didn’t live up to the dinner the night before but it was ok. And you could still get the tapa from the night before – but they were not quite as fresh anymore.

The bar is located right next to the lobby of Hotel Venta Magullo at Calle Rafael de las Herras, 1, La Lastrilla.


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