Javri Monastery

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Just across the rivers from Mtskheta you find the Javri Monastery. The old 6th century monastery is located high on a hill above the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers which meet at Mtskheta. From the monastery there is an amazing view of Mtskheta and the rivers below. The monastery has survived fairly unscathed through the many wars between the Georgian kingdoms and their mainly Muslim enemies.

After we leave Mtskheta we drive up to see the Javri Monastery. It is actually our second visit to the monastery – first time was 6 years ago. And what a difference 6 years has done. As I recall there was hardly any tourist at our last visit to the church – and when I took a look at the old photos I think my recollection is correct. Back then there were only locals visiting the church for the Sunday service.

The old Javri Monastery

Today we had trouble finding a spot to park the car on the parking lot. We had to park at the overflow parking lot a bit further away from the monastery. When we walk to the monastery there is a lot of other tourist – they have arrived by the bus load in addition to a few cars and taxis. Walking around the church is crowded as well.

I guess the old days when you could go and visit the monastery and having it to yourself has passed probably for good. But is still worth going the short distance from Tbilisi to go and visit the monastery. The view of the river is amazing in its own right and the old historic monastery is still worth the visit if you got any interest in visiting an old religious sight of Georgia – which has actually made it to the UNESCO list.

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