Looking for big rocks at Diamond Beach

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We leave the icebergs in the Jökulsarlon behind and cross the Ring road to the other side. I guess you could actually walk under the bridge to the Diamond Beach but we decide to drive the across the road and have a look at what is on the other side.

Iceberg under the bridge across the Ring Road

When the icebergs in the lagoon finally melt sufficiently to be able to drift down the short river under the bridge you would think they would finally escape to the North Atlantic and get to drift around for a bit until they melt completely. But no. most of the small iceberg seems to make it under the bridge and then they run on shore on the black beach on the other side of the bridge.

We get down to the water edge and have a look at the many blocks of ice sitting along the water side. The black sand is glistering with the ice which shines in the sun while it slowly melts. I can see where the locals got the name from though these diamonds are humongous though not very durable.

Across from the ice blocks on the beach is another little black sand beach – out here is no ice hanging around instead there is some seals hanging out. They look cute resting at the sand bank. We decide to get closer so we head back across the bridge to another parking lot which is closer to the sandbank where the seals hang out.

We get down to the seals most of them are just relaxing on the black sand but a few swims around the freezing cold water. I guess they have enough fat to insulate them against the cold so they can enjoy the water and go fishing. We watch the seals for a while and then decide to leave them behind and continue the drive across the bridge one more time.

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