Arctic Henge

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High in the north of Iceland is a special landmark. It is kind of a Stonehenge of northern Iceland. Unlike the original Stonehenge this one isn’t ancient but still under construction.

The Arctic Henge on top of a hill

The monument is just outside a tiny village which might well be the northern most village of the main island of Iceland. It is located on the top of a hill overlooking the village and the nearby country side.

The inspiration of the Arctic Henge is the old Edda poem which is the best preserved knowledge about the old religion and ways of the Norsemen in Iceland and the rest of Scandinavia.

One of the stone structures

The place is in the middle of nowhere so it is easy to find parking and you can just walk up the hill which is still partly under construction and up to the top to see the view and the monument. There isn’t any tourist making it up here so we have the place to ourselves when we go and explore the place.

Arctic Henge

The Arctic Henge is fun to see – but it shouldn’t be your main reason to make it up to this remote corner of Iceland. The main reason to go up here is the birdlife and the special arctic environment which you will be able to see better at this corner of Iceland than most other places on the island.

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