Stopping at the fault line

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In the small town of Hveragerdi is a shopping center. So what is the big deal – obviously there will be a shopping center in a city of some size. But this shopping center is a bit different. The little town which was hit by an earthquake a few years back and inside the super market is a small exhibit about the earthquake and you can try an earthquake simulator if you like.

A display of a destroyed kitchen inside the shopping center

The exhibit has a couple of recreations of how the kitchen looked after the quake. I guess the section of the shopping center selling new plates would have been pretty busy after the earthquake – that is if they still had some plates left.

The faultline located right inside the super market in Hveragerdi

The shopping center a pretty unique locations – it is built right on the fault line – so there is a small glass section of the floor where you can look down and apparently it is the fault line. Right here inside the supermarket you can stand with one foot in Europe and one foot in America.

The distant thermal power plant in Hveragerdi

After a quick stop we head out of town and see a big geothermal plant just outside the city which is the main geothermal plant providing heating and electricity for Reykjavik. There are a lot of pipes going towards Reykjavik and for some reason they are not going in a straight-line but is twisting apparently this is better for the transport of the hot water.

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