Eating honey cake in Christiansfeld

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The town of Christiansfeld is famous in all of Denmark for the production of honey cakes. Apparently the late queen mother used to drive up from her castle in Gråsten to Christiansfeld to go cake shopping for her afternoon tea – especially when her grandchildren were visiting.

Cakes in coffee shop in Christiansfeld

So we really couldn’t visit Christiansfeld without going to one of the cake shops and try out their cakes. There are actually several cake shops in this tiny city – I guess they really make a living of tourist like us coming to town to try the famous cakes. We kind of randomly decide on a cake shop on the corner of Lindegade and Kongensgade. There is actually a shop on both corner of this street so we just choose the one which seems to be the biggest and having a selection of cakes.

The famous honey cake of Christiansfeld

We go in and order cake and coffee which is actually reasonably priced here about half of what you would pay in Copenhagen. We enjoy the honey cake and another cake which is more like a cake you could get anywhere around the world.

Cake at coffee shop in Christiansfeld

There is a sign on the wall claiming this place use the original recipe for the honey cakes so possibly they are one of the original cake producers – or maybe they just use it as an a selling point.

Sign claiming they use the original recepi from 1783

After finishing the cake we go out and have a look around the small shop. They do sell honey cakes to take away in addition to chocolate and other sweets which might be a good to eat when we have to go back home later tonight.


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