Old town of Kolding

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We arrive back from Christiansfeld in the early afternoon so we got plenty of time to go out and explore the central parts of Kolding. We have already been to the main attraction the Koldinghus castle on the top of the hill so we will go out and have a look at the rest of the city.

Koldinghus – the castle of Kolding on top of the hill

The old town is located on a few streets close to the train station so it is easy to reach the old town if you arrive by the train. There is a couple of hotels right next to the station so if you want to stay for the night it is easy as well.

Small path leading towards the hill to the castle of the city

There are a few interesting spots in the old town. The is an old house in the city which is known as Santa’s house since the local chamber of commerce use this house every December as the location for the Santa of central Kolding where all the kids can come and visit Santa and get a small gift. The house is actually the oldest house in the city. It was built as a home and shop for a shoemaker in 1589 and the family lived in the house until 1915. It was a tourist office for a while and now I guess its main function is to make the local kids happy during Christmas. At the back of the house is a nice little garden and in the wall facing the garden is an old cannonball from the fighting around Kolding in 1849 during the First Schleswig War.

We wonder around the old town which has a couple of other nice old houses which we can go and enjoy. There are also some old churches.

The old town is relatively small so we quickly walk all of the pedestrian streets in the center and then we head down to the lake below the castle of the city. The lake is pretty and there is a lot of ducks swimming in the lake. There are also several swans. One of the swans decides to take up a spot on the middle of the trail around the lake. And this swan don’t like people walking too close so it is hissing a bit when you walk by it – there is a girl who gets a bit nervous about the swan and she decide to take a pretty long detour to keep her distance to the swan.

I guess we have finish the sightseeing for the afternoon so we just hang around our hotel which do serve a bit of cake and popcorn in the afternoon before we head down to a restaurant down at a little stream.


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