Enjoying the view from Point of View at Alsik Hotel

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One of the newest attractions in Sønderborg is Point of View. It is located on the 16th floor of the new Alsik Hotel down at the harbor in Sønderborg. We had the good fortune to stay at the hotel so it was free to go up to Point of View and have a look around. Other guest will have to book in advance and from what we could see down in the lobby you better book in advance since the number of visitors a day is limited.

A view from 16th floor may not sound like much around the globe – but the city of Sønderborg hasn’t got any other buildings anywhere near the height of the Alsik Hotel so you can see everything from here.

View of the harbor in Sønderborg

The main attractions you can see from the top are the castle down at the entrance to the harbor and the bridge from the mainland to the island where the main parts of Sønderborg is located. In the distance you can see Dybbøl Mølle on the hill. There is also another mill closer to the hotel in the city of Sønderborg.

View of Dybbøl Mølle

In addition to these main attractions you can enjoy the harbor down below which looks very nice on this sunny afternoon.

If you are in Sønderborg it is well worth to go up and enjoy the view from the top. And if you visit in the late afternoon you might combine the visit to the top of the hotel with a visit to one of the great restaurants at the hotel.


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