Museumberg – Museum Mountain

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On top of a overlooking the old part of Flensburg you find the two museums next to each other. The first thing you might notice when you walk up the stair to the museums is the view of the city below and then you will notice the big old building housing the museum of Flensburg which is a mix of a local historical museum and a natural historical collection.

There are a lot of old furniture’s on display in the museum from the old days of Flensburg which is nice if you like antique furniture.

Model of the Isted Lion

There is a little display with the history of the Isted Lion which is located right behind the museum on the old cemetery. The lion was finally returned to Flensburg in 2011 after it had been removed since just after the Second Slesvig War of 1964.

In the main museum there is a large display of different animals which live or has lived in and around Flensburg area. There is a large collection of stuffed mammals and birds and other old natural objects on display.

When you make it up the stair you arrive at the historical part of the collection with many old historical objects on display telling the story of the city.

For a medium sized town I actually find the museum above average so if you have a bit of time to spare or it is raining you might consider spending an hour or two wondering the collections of the museum.


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