Taking the inland road from Torshavn

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Most of the traffic to and from Torshavn drives along the new road which goes through a tunnel and is at a fairly low elevation. In a place prone to low hanging clouds and fog it is sensible to place the roads as low as possible so it might be possible to miss most of the low hanging clouds.

Geese looking for food next to the old highway

Before the tunnel was built the traffic had to go along a road up in the hills. We have wanted to go at this road in the highlands to see what it looked like. But the weather has been bad during our stay and there has clearly been clouds and fog up on this road – hence it was possible to enjoy the view from the road. But today is different – for the first time it is sunny on the highland road so we go for it.

View of Torshavn harbor from Hotel Føroyar

We drive up the hill going pass the big Hotel Føroyar which is one of the few buildings along the road. There aren’t a lot of cars on this road – everybody seems to take the fast road through the tunnel even on sunny days. So it is nice and enjoyable drive up here in the hills.

View of a small bay from the old highway to Torshavn

The view is different up here compared to most of the rest of the islands. We have been so used to driving right next to the shore of the islands and having a view of the water almost the entire time during our driving around the islands. This highland road is through the hills and there is only occasionally a view towards the sea.

At one spot there is a good view of a small bay below and then the road turns back inland. The road isn’t very long so after a while we arrived at the main highway of the island and could continue exploring on the sunny day.

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