Finally a sunny day

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We have spent a few days around the Faroe Islands by now and the weather has been cloddy and foggy every day. But today it is finally a bit of sunshine. So we decide to do a little detour up a small road on the west coast of Streymoy Island just outside Torshavn.

A small village along the west coast road

There really aren’t sights of note up along this small road but the sun is up and it seems like there is a great view from the quite road.

View of a small island just off the shore of Streymoy

We drive up the road and we can see a couple of islands in the distance. The road is narrow but there aren’t any other cars so we don’t have to give way to any other traffic. There is a small village along the road but except for this little town there isn’t much sign of human habitation out here.

We get to a small stream where the road turns down towards the coast and a small farm down below. There is actually a farmer working here driving up and down the road with his tractor moving hay from a field to his farm. Fortunately we manage to time our drive in a way so we drive down to the farm while the farmer is going in front of us. When we get down and enjoy the view the farmer is drive up the narrow road and he is gone. He manage to come back before we start driving up the road so we don’t have to pass him when we drive back up the road to go back to the main highway towards Torshavn.


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