Dolphins in the water

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I had arranged the trip yesterday going for a couple of hour’s speedboat sailing to the distant island of Espanola. Yunni has decided to stay on solid group – I doubt she will be willing to set foot on a boat for a couple of years to come.

When I arrive at the boat it is pretty empty there is only a couple of foreign tourist. The people working at the tourist agency where I bought the ticket yesterday is on the boat as well – I guess they are really committed to good service towards their clients making sure they get on the boat alright to have a good day.

A couple of dolphins going down into the water

After a little wait we are ready to leave the city. We start sailing out of the harbor – and the staff from the tourist agency stays onboard the boat – it turns out they want to go on the trip themselves. The daily trips to Espanola are a new daytrip from San Cristobal so the people at the agency wanted to see the island themselves for the first time ever. It is nice when the locals also find it interesting to go on a trip with the tourist – it makes me think I am actually on an interesting daytrip.

Dolphins jumping up from the water

We are sitting inside the boat relaxing since it is a long sail – but then the staff tells us to look out there are dolphins around. The boat slows down for a while and we watch a large group of dolphins swimming around and regularly jumping out of the water playing around close by the boat.

A dolphin jumping high

We spend a lot of time watching the dolphins before we have to continue the trip if we ever wants to arrive at our destination.


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