Finding a restaurant at the water

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After a day of getting cold in the waters around North Seymour it is time to warm up again. We walk out to a little hotel in the outskirts of Puerto Ayora it has an onsite restaurant down at the water which seems like the perfect spot to warm up with some afternoon cake and drinks.

On the way to the restaurant we walk pass our favorite fish shop in the world. The staff has gone home for the day but there are still some hungry costumers hanging around waiting for the shop to possibly reopen soon. The costumers seem to be fairly relaxed happy to wait for a long time.

When we get to the restaurant there is few other costumers with two legs. But the restaurant area isn’t exactly empty. Down in the corner is an area where you can hang out on a little bench. And a couple of sea lions have decided to hang out down there for the afternoon.

On the wooden platform we are sitting on a large group of marine iguanas has decided to sun them before they will go back under the cold water to eat more algae. They sit pretty close and they are not scared of us – the wildlife on these islands are protected and apparently everybody respect the protected status so the animals are really trusty in humans not fearing them at all.

On the water are some of the local crabs and also a pelican which decide to take off from the water to go somewhere else to search for dinner. Another pelican fly by high in the sky along with a selection of other birds. We sit and have drinks and cake and enjoy the afternoon view for a while before heading back towards the center of town.


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