So where is the bag?

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You know you are going on holiday when the alarm clock is getting very noisy a bit after 3 in the morning – or night or whatever you want to call this time of the day. That is what it takes to catch that elusive 6 o’clock plane in the morning. The flight is short only about 1½ and then it is time for a 3½ hour layover in Amsterdam – plenty of time for the luggage to get from one plane to another.

Then it is time for the last leg of the journey a bit longer going straight to Quito. It takes a while but at least it is still light when arriving at Quito in the late afternoon. We just need to pick up the bags and get to the center in time to see a bit of the old town before it gets dark.

It takes ages waiting for the bags. Finally all the bags have been delivered that is almost all the bags have been delivered. There are a few exceptions including what I have been waiting for so long. Then it is time to go to the luggage handling desk and fill out a PIR reporting the missing bag. Finally I get out of the airport and fortunately the owner of the hostal I am staying at is still waiting to pick us up from the airport. It is a fairly quick drive to the center and we get installed at the hostal.

Unfortunately the long wait for the luggage has resulted in a pretty late arrival and it is almost getting dark now so there is no time to go out and explore today – instead it seems like a good idea to call it an early night since it has been a pretty long day with that crazy alarm clock time.


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