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We are not planning to get drunk at this place, but I would love to try it is food in the restaurant.  It is supposedly really good and the head Chef “Petter Nilsson” is well known for his cooking style – Cook it Raw in France, Lapland and Stockholm.  His cooking is unfussy, no cream or butter and a lot of vegetables.  So ladies… don´t worry about your waist line, you are safe in this restaurant.

We come without any reservation and luckily, we were able to get a table with a sea view, which is really nice and relaxing.  The staff is friendly and full of smiles.   After we were seated, we get water immediately.  We decided to have a brunch menu and just enjoy ourselves and do people watch through the window toward the ocean.

Not long after the bread and first serving which consist of 3 different dishes come simultaneously.  The smell was defined, and the food looks very appetizing and beautiful.  The round bread was really good, and it was warm which make it much better when we eat it.  I wish I could have more of the bread, it was really yummy.

The radishes and dried roe with sour cream were kind of strange but refreshing on the first bite. It was gone by the second bites.

The egg royale with smoked bread and rhubard was interesting.  It reminded me of Japanese food called “cawan mushi”, and it transport me back to the old good time when I was young and free spirit wondering the other part of the earth. 

The trout rillettes with green tomato and lovage also delicious.  So far, the food was lovely, and we look forward to our main course.

View from the table

Mickey has lamb and blackened green beans with fresh garlic.  It looks delicious, and I steal a piece of meat. However, I found the lamb was a bit hard to bite and not that soft.

Luckily my seared turbot with spring vegetable was delicious and the fish was soo tender and melt in the mouth.  The portion was huge.  I was very happy with this food.

To be honest, I could not eat dessert after this, however the dessert menu looks interesting and our eyes are bigger than our stomach – at least mine, as I know Mickey would be able to finish all my food.  That is the advantage travel together with my giant friend.

Finally, we decided to have dessert.  I was jealous with his dessert of “Blood orange ice cream with meringue”.  From the look of it was kind of strange, but the taste…. Oh gosh…. It was really delicious… refreshing and after one bite, I just want more of it.  He makes a good choice on the dessert.

My dessert of small almond tartlets with strawberries was not as nice as his ice cream, and Micky refused to exchange the dessert, but he ate all of my dessert.

We have a very nice afternoon at this restaurant and love the food and atmosphere.

If you are in the areas, you can go to the museum or try the spirit drinks at the bar.

Djurgårdsvägen 38
SE-115 21 Stockholm

Tel: +46 (0)8-1213 1300


  1. This sounded like a restaurant in Sweden that does good seafood, and doing it well without butter or cream is a bonus….though the sour cream is actually cream lol 😛 Probably side dips are the exception. Your tubot dish looked massive. I like eating fish especially if it’s a light dish with a bit of light sauce all over it. You can never go wrong with ice-cream as a dessert 🙂

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